Living Lab: Small farmers receive better fiscal information in a confusing informational landscape

Giurgiu County, Romania The aim of the Romanian Living Lab is to develop innovative support services and tools that improve access to reliable, timely [financial & marketing] information for small scale Romanian farmers, cooperatives and Local Action Groups (LAGs) in Romania. PROAKIS findings saying that Romania has a weak and fragmented Farm Advisory System. The … Continued

Living Lab: Improving the advisory service by bringing the innovation closer to farmers

Navarra, Spain This Living Lab wants to improve the current advisory service by bringing innovation closer to farmers and involving advisors and farmers in the design of this service. Traditionally, the regional public advisory service (INTIA) in Navarra has had a key role providing services to farmers. This advisory service is based on the information … Continued

Living Lab: Making it easier for farmers and entrepreneurs to find the right information and advice

Latvia The Latvian Living lab wants to improve the engagement of farmers and producers with the resources and facilities of the agricultural advisory system in Latvia. The PROAKIS report on Latvia indicates that the national AKIS remains fragmented. Provision of advice in agriculture in Latvia is decentralised. An increasing number of public, private and third … Continued

Living Lab: Crop rotation between farms: Developing innovation support services and tools

Trøndelag County, Norway The objective of the Norway Living Lab is to support development of an advisory service supporting cooperation between farmers in order to build a shared diverse rotational system in production, including different species of grain, ley (i.e. grass), potatoes and/or vegetables – and thereby improve the agronomical practice. The county is localized … Continued

Living Lab: Rebuilding a local food community starting from sustainable farming and collective actions

Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy The aim of this living lab is that of catalysing the creation of services and tools able to provide support to a demographically and professionally diverse group of farmers and other stakeholders in the consolidation of a wheat value chain that is rooted in the cooperative management of common land. Friuli … Continued

Living Lab: Looking differently at sustainable maize cultivation together

Province of Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands & Flanders, Belgium The aim of the Dutch Belgian living Lab is to contribute to more sustainable maize cultivation, creating awareness among farmers with respect to nitrate leaching and the individual influence of each farmer and enabling farmers to improve their maize cultivation. PROAKIS findings say that the Dutch AKIS … Continued