Country Reports microAKIS

13 Synthesis Country Reports

In this section are uploaded the 13 Synthesis Country Reports that were prepared by all the AgriLink partners involved in WP2. These reports provide in-depth qualitative and quantitative insights on the micro-AKIS (Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems at the farmer micro scale) supporting farmer’s decision-making related to innovation uptake, with a focus on the role played by advisors. A total of 32 case studies were conducted in 13 European countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Each case study addresses a specific innovation area from a set of nine clusters comprising ICT innovations (milking robots, drones, intelligent irrigation sensors and precision farming); Biological pest control innovative farming practices for plant protection; Soil improvement cropping systems; Non-technological innovations related with marketing, financial and organisational aspects, grouped into four areas, retro-innovation, introduction of new crops, direct marketing, and the developing of new activities in the farm; and finally social innovations, including collaborative arrangements for collective management of natural resources and for farm labour.

All the 32 case studies are presented on this website.