Our partners are universities, research institutes, advisors and consultants from public organisations combining advice and applied research, private SMEs, a farmer-based organisation, and a communication and distance learning specialist.

Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique et Environnement (INRAE)


Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique et Ennvironnement (INRAE) is a French public research institute working on agriculture, food and food security, environment and land management, with a particular emphasis on sustainable development. INRAE ranks second in the world and first in Europe for publications in agriculture and forestry. INRAE’s goals are to i) serve the public interest by maintaining a balance between the excellence of research and societal demands; ii) produce and disseminate scientific knowledge and innovation in agriculture, forestry, food, and environment; iii) promote scientific and technical culture and foster science/society debates.

Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinow (AACB)


The Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinow (AACB), plus its Branch Offices in Poznan, Krakow and Radom, is the national institution responsible for the education, certification and registration of agricultural advisers in Poland. AACB is directly responsible to the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and cooperates closely with governmental institutions, local self-government bodies, farmer organisations, researchers, agriculture advisory centres and various other organizations and institutions working for the benefit of agricultural development and the rural economy.