Each Work Package is jointly led by an academic and a more practice-oriented partner.


Multi Level Framework

WP1 is a conceptual work package which brings together these different perspectives into a consistent framework for use in guiding research in the empirical work packages.

WP Leaders: Lee-Ann Sutherland (HUTT) and Pierre Labarthe (INRAE)

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Innovation case studies in Focus Regions

This WP aims to understand why, how and from whom European farmers and farm managers gather and exchange information...

WP Leaders: Lee-Ann Sutherland (HUTT) and Pierre Labarthe (INRAE)

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Living Labs for innovation support services

WP3 will develop and test new and improved innovation support services and tools in Living Labs to link research, farmers and...

WP Leaders: Lee-Ann Sutherland (HUTT) and Pierre Labarthe (INRAE)

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Assessing EU-FAS and the governance of national advisory...

WP4 will analyse the governance of farm advisory systems at national and European level in order to understand better what...

WP Leaders: Pierre Labarthe (INRA) and Damiana Maiz (INTIA)

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Analysis and recommendations – Analytical framework

The main WP5 objective is to perform an integrated assessment of the data collected and lessons learned in WP2, 3, 4 and 5. The outcomes of the integrated assessment...

WP Leaders: Boelie Elzen (WR), Jaroslav Prazan (EKOT)

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Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation

AgriLink is a multi-actor project. WP6 aims to underpin the high scientific and practical ambitions of the project with a range of activities that guarantee to engage relevant...

WP Leaders: Mark Redman (HCC), Talis Tisenkopfs (BSC)

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Consortium coordination and project management

WP7 will ensure the smooth running and optimal set-up of the project activities. Particular attention will be paid to the quality of interactions

WP Leaders: Pierre Labarthe (INRAE), Luke Lauprete (IT)

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